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Bonne Journée Montréal!

We had a very successful week in Halifax and Ville de Québec last week, and have again, begun our touring in Montreal today through Wednesday, and then  Thursday and Friday in Ottawa.

Tour through the show in Halifax!

Tour through the show in Halifax!

Truck and trailer arrives in Quebec City, more shows to do.

Truck and Trailer in Quebec City

Rise and shine… time to drive…

Quebec City Tour

Quebec City Tour

And with only a couple nights off, things are already underway in Montreal this morning…

Sharp's Team in for a tour in Montreal

Sharp’s Team in for a tour in Montreal

It’s not too late to join… come on out. Hope to see you all!

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OB1… You’re Our Only Hope!

Lucie and David have spent a day in Halifax, and driven across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and a portion of Quebec, to set up in Quebec City. Join then at the Grand Time Hotel for some great croissants and of course some great new products from Chief & Da-Lite.

PRSU - Rental & Staging Stand with Road Case

Easiest flat panel floor stand to set up, tear down and keep protected from scratches, with its Millennium Falcon-like road case.

The PRSU is gaining a lot of attention on this Road Show. If you haven’t seen it yet, get out to one of our next shows.

XVM1X1U - A flat panel cart that will support the whole galaxy... or a really large flat panel.

XVM1X1U – A flat panel cart that will support the whole galaxy… or a really large flat panel.

The XVM1X1U needs a whole corner to show off. This bad boy can hold up to 500 lbs. so a little less than the whole galaxy, but a 105″ flat panel, no problem.

OB1 high capacity over whiteboard flat panel mount

OB1 hangs your large or extra large flat panel over a whiteboard using what he knows best… The Force.

May The Force… and OB1… be with you. He is still in jedi training, and we should have some pricing information and a launch date coming soon. No whining or we’ll set our wookie on you.

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The Places We Go

The US Road Show is busy moving along out west and having a great time. Sometimes the places we stop are just too cool. Our crew sent along pics from the Salt Lake City planetarium and an old school house in Washington state.

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