AV RoadShow

Road Show Breezes into New England

The road show made stops in Portland, Nashua, Chelmsford, Billerica, Wilmington, Waltham, Cambridge, Sudbury, Exeter and North Haven this week on its continuing quest to impress dealers and the occasional dog.

dog not impressed

Some times it can be overwhelming

Dog time

Dog just can’t even.

lots to get through

Lots to get through

Robb's on it

Robb’s on it

screen time

Screen time


Robb with the new FCA1U for extension on Fusion mounts.

Fusion Modular

Showing the new Fusion Modular system that allows you to make your own multi-display mount.

Gathered round

Gathered round


Cookies make the VPAU happy.

Always welcome

Always want to be welcoming.

Skyping a stop

Skyping a stop

Giving the talk

Giving the talk


Vaddio’s on the scene