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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Road Show Heading East

The latest pictures from the Road Show.

Edmonton school

Edmonton Public School Board installers join Allison first thing in the morning for a tour, in Edmonton, AB.


Alberta Saskatchewan border in Lloydminster which is a border town straddling both provinces. 


Rhen after a full day of tours. 


The truck and trailer at Allison’s fave breakfast spot in Calgary, The Galaxie Diner as seen in the movie Snow Day. 

Washing time

Dave taking a moment to make the trailer sparkle. 

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Road Show Reaches the Coast

The road show reached Vancouver with plenty of time for sight seeing.


shrimp and salmon

Shrimp and Salmon for sale at Steveston Pier Sunday Fish Market. 


Marine Gateway Cineplex Theatre panoramic shot. Menu boards using Chief LWM product and video wall using ConnexSys. 


Red Sea urchin for sale at Steveston Pier Sunday Fish Market.

sea lions

Sea Lions hoping for some fish to be thrown their way at the Steveston Pier

Vancouver Road Show

Vancouver Road Show setup in panorama. At the Pacific Gateway Hotel. 

Cherry blossoms

Beautiful sunny morning view at breakfast before heading down the highway towards Calgary. The cherry blossoms are out on the tree behind. Thank you BC. 

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