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Last stop for the year

The AV Road Show wrapped up its final stop last week in Florida and Road Show Specialist, Tyrel, is on his way back to HQ in Minnesota.

It’s been our longest road show yet, and we had a great time sharing our latest solutions with dealers and getting feedback that helps us create better products. Speaking of feedback, if you want to let us know what you thought, please visit our Road Show feedback page.

Want to request the Road Show make a stop near you next year? Let us hear it.

Road Show map

Covered a lot of ground this year!

Final stop

Another final stop

Final stop

one of final stops

parting words

Parting words

the route home

The route home

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Winding Down

The Road Show has reached its final week of stops. That’s 36 weeks, folks! ┬áJust a few more days, and we go into hibernation mode. The team had a great time so far this week meeting installers and dealers, even bringing in some AV industry partners for the fun.


Hello Hollywood, Florida!

Video Game

The site of an epic MarioKart battle between Karen and Ty, our Road Show Driver. Karen won!


Frank seems to think this is his place.

Fun and games

Sometimes, it is fun and games

Goldie on the road

On the way to next stop

Outdoor av

Beauty of a day

AV friends

Lots of friends came for this stop!

Packed room

Packed room

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Last State

The Road Show is winding its way down the last state on this year’s trip: Florida. They started the week in Georgia and finished today in Miami. The AV Road Show will wrap up 2014 next week. For now, some pics from the past few weeks, from Texas, Louisana, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

miami av


What a welcome

What a welcome!

Goldie's issue

Goldie continued to have problems in this stretch of the show.

Setting up

Setting up

Beauty of a day

Beautiful day

AV solutions

Lots of solutions for all

good crowd

nice crowd

Golf and AV

Golf and AV

fusion carts

Talking about some AV carts


Matt – looking cool in his shades.

Catching up

Catching up with friends

Food and AV

Food and AV

outdoor av

A nother great day for an outdoor show

Schedule for AV

Checking the schedule or getting in some online gaming?

AV Food

AV food

above ceiling storage

Above ceiling storage makes clean installations easy.

Ceiling mount time

Ceiling mount time

Fusion mounts

Matt talks some Fusion

Da-Lite time

Da-Lite time

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