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The Centre of Canada’s Universe

I know, I know… it’s been a while since the Eastern and Central shows were completed, but we’ve been cheerfully responding to the ever increasing amount of emails and phone calls you’ve been sending us, and now, without further ado…

By the end of the Eastern Canada road show, our trailer had travelled a further 4,721 kms, add that to the 9,717 kms in the West, and Central came in with 1,524 kms. I guess we really are a big country… 15,962 kms. Lucky Dave though, his major cities are grouped a little closer together than the rest of the country.

Now is time for Dave to brag about how much he fit into a shorter distance.

5 cities
7 days of meetings
50+ separate meetings

And not one unload or load-up in the rain.


Showing off the awesome accessories that go with our LCM Menu Board Series mounts.


Some definite interest in our F1 Furniture Series Rack.


A moody shot of the WMAH3S Wall mount height adjust accessory, a really great piece for precision height adjustment with a short throw projector on a CHIEF Short Throw Wall Mount Arm.


Having a great time with customers, as we usually do.

While this post is wrapping up last year’s road show, we are busily planning this years, and will start in the East and work our way West just to mix things up. If there’s anything you want to see on the road show, just let one of us know.


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