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Out and about in NYC

Chief Road Show Specialist Tyrel Boehm got the chance to take some time seeing the sights in New York City and sent in some pics from his travels as well as some Road Show shots.

IMG_0937 IMG_0936 IMG_0934 IMG_0932 IMG_0931 IMG_0928 IMG_0933 IMG_0941 IMG_0926 IMG_0924

AV solutions

Chief solutions fit into some tight quarters

AV feedback

Always enjoy meeting with installers to get some feedback


If you have feedback on the road show, click the feedback button above this post.

av solutions hallway

We’ll take a hallway if we can get it.

AV leftovers

Leftovers from a recent road show event

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Road Show Feedback

Greg Nank from Da-Lite sent in this email feedback one of their recent Road Show stops.


I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You both for your Time & Energy today during the three training sessions with our CSR’s.  I have to tell you that it’s your Energy and Ability to provide product awareness and knowledge that helps build Sales People into Sales Professionals.  I take our CSR’s sales training opportunities very serious and found your time with us to be very productive and engaging.  Certainly appreciate your time here and look forward to future training opportunities.  The Panera spread was a great touch!!  Very Thoughtful & Much Appreciated. 

Some Feedback From the Sales Team Members:

“Great Energy, Fantastic Product”

“Wonderful Presentation”

“Extremely Knowledgeable, Great Breakfast”

“Great Energy, Super Informative”

“Lots of gear, Good Eats, Great Knowledge”

“Full Of Good Info”

On our Vendor Training Scale 1-5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the best.  You have received an average of an 4  –  Top-Notch 

Thanks Again & All The Best

Road Show Sign

Always nice to see a warm welcome sign when the Road Show pulls in.


Video wall

Video wall cart demo in tight quarters, but we can make the road show work anywhere.

AV solutions

A bit more breathing room here to gather round and take a look at some AV solutions.

If you have been at a road show stop, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Feedback helps us make the show even better. Find the survey here.

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New York

The Road Show hit NYC this week with their truck full of AV solutions. This morning, Road Show Specialist, Tyrel Boehm, discovered frost on the windows, which means the end of this year’s show is getting close.

AV Solutions Team

The East Coast Super Team in NYC, looking sharp!

AV solutions

Packing up after a day in NYC to head north.

Leaving NYC

The Road Show slips away into the night.

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite team works their magic

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New Jersey

The Road Show Team is in New Jersey today. Here are the latest pics from the road. Check out more Chief AV solutions at www.chiefmfg.com.

Outdoor road show

Goldie’s favorite party is a tailgate party – full of AV solutions.

Extra Large Fusion Display Cart

John showing the extra large Fusion cart.

Warehouse gym

Not every day you see a gym in the warehouse.

Video Wall

John showing the Fusion video wall cart and Fusion extra large cart.

Da-Lite road show

Da-Lite presentation is on!

TV mounts

Thinstall tv mounts get some attention.

AV solutions

Ready for the show

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Pennsylvania and New Jersey

The Road Show rolls on. They’ve been sending in photos as they are able from Philadelphia (where it was, indeed, sunny) and New Jersey. Wave hi if you see Goldie!

AV sales

‘Show me the money’ Ruggiero

Road Show in Philadelphia


AV Solutions food

Good Food for Great AV Solutions

Da-Lite demo AV solutions Fusion Ceiling mounts Chief and Da-Lite cake

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The Deluge Begins

The Road Show is spending today at a golf event in Virginia. They’ve been dealing with lots and lots of rain this week. Steve Scorzetti called to say their socks may be soaked, but the AV solutions are in great shape after buying some tarps at a nearby sporting goods store.


Rain from Goldie’s point of view.

tarps and rain

tarps keep the latest products safe and sound no matter what the wather


Pizza party!

show begins

The Road Show begins

Dramatic lighting

Looks like some dramatic scene is going on

AV solutions

We’ll fill a warehouse with AV solutions

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite drops some screen science

Video wall cart

The video wall cart solution

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The government might be shut down, but the Road Show keeps on rolling. This week they are in Maryland, shrugging off tropical storm Karen and showcasing the latest AV solutions.

IMG_20131008_105403_283 photo[3] photo[4] photo[2] photo[1] photo BV_8E3PIAAAofA- BWDmo-GIUAAWQRX BV-glzPIYAAyU9F Brian Mungo_01 BVvHcxQIEAAZgMb BVqliVTIMAApC9A BVp6_RfIgAAZ-bX BVlWUveCUAAXOqK BVp62N-IIAAdhWT BVlWAj6CYAAO53A

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Bonus Southeast Pics

Last year’s Road Show Specialist and current Multimedia Designer, Scott Rohe, spent some time with the Road Show recently and submitted the below pics.

Gathered group image[3] Goldie Haulin'

Ty and Scott and Goldie

Ty and Scott and Goldie

AV solutions

Road Show Crew, ready to show you some awesome AV solutions

Fusion display mounts

Matt showing some Fusion wall mounts

Ty with cube

Ty’s been fighting the good fight with Rubik’s Cube during the downtime


Goldie hanging out on a beautiful Carolina day

Chief tools

All you need

Da-Lite literature

Organizing some literature

Display mount

Ty taking a gander at a mount

Chief Road Show

Matt setting up the show

AV solutions outside

Another great day for an outdoor stop


Goldie likes outdoor shows so she can be part of the presentation.

AV road show

Matt fielding some questions

Monitor array mount

One of the best parts of the show is getting a close look at the latest mounts, like the Kontour K3 monitor array mount.

Thinstall flat panel mount

The Thinstall flat panel mount also got some interest.

LCM ceiling display mount

The LCM Fusion ceiling display mount

Goldie at the ready

Goldie is ready to hit the road.

Road show map

Rain, road grime, we’ve traveled a long way, with the Northeast left to go.

Da-Lite demo

Da-Lite shows how it goes.

Da-Lite road show

Da-Lite fields some questions


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Wrapping up the Southeast

The Road Show is making its way to the Northeast, with stops this week in Virginia. They’ve been sending in pics from the road, which means it’s time to catch up with the Road Show photo album.

Da-Lite screen

Ready for my closeup

Solution Alley

Solution Alley


Gather round folks and you shall hear, of great solutions by Chief right here.



inside show

Inside shows – yup, still doing them.



Setting up

Setting up solutions for another fine day outdoors

LCM ceiling display mount

Ceiling display mounts are a great place to start

projector mount

Projector mounts and monitor arrays are next

AV rack and iPad mounts

Frank shows the wall rack and iPad mounts

AV racks

AV Racks get some notice

AV racks

Frank goes over AV racks and cabinets.

packing up

General Ty directing the packing up for another show.


Unloading the truck on another fine morning.

unpacking the truck

Ready for the next solution


Getting the table just right

Ty, Road Show Specialist, runs the unpacking

Ty, Road Show Specialist, runs the unpacking

Fusion extra large cart

Extra Large flat panel Fusion cart

AV solutions

Pretty solutions all in a row

AV solutions

Line up, troops!

Fusion cart

Fusion extra large cart gets some notice

AV accessories

Matt goes over some accessories

AV rack accessory

AV rack accessory

Ceiling mounts

Matt goes over the LCM ceiling multi-display mounts

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