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Charlotte NC

Chief continued the Road Show today with stops in Charlotte, N.C. Good mix of outside and inside stops. Charlotte continues tomorrow.



distance show shot BU75xF7CEAAGEwX Display mounts AV solutions outside show

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North Carolina Week

The Road Show team is spending this week (and some of next) in North Carolina. Pictures include some left-overs from last week. Rumor has it there was a Foreigner concert involved late in the week – here’s hoping for a first hand account!

Don’t forget to check out what the Canada crew is up to this week as well!

Fusion mounts

Fusion ceiling and wall mounts on display

Da-Lite screens

Da-Lite screens on hand

AV solutions crew

Super salesman Matt backed by HiPhi’s crew

Karen and HiPhi

HiPhi and Karen hanging out, rappin’ bout AV solutions

Between stops

Rare sighting of what the crew does between all these stops.


Lawn games!

Great weather

“Chamber of Commerce Weather” is how Frank described today.

Red pants

I don’t know what to say about these pants. Caption contest?

More red pants

Can you find the guy with the red pants? His name is Matt, and he’s awesome! If only you can find him 🙂

Cold treats

Cold treats at this stop

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Eastern Canada – Week Two

Week two of the Eastern Canada Road Show is just wrapping up. David Galos replaced me to assist Mike on his second week of Road Show visits. The week began in Montreal for what must have been a whirlwind, as they didn’t even have time to take a photo. (ha ha ha). Things must have mellowed out as they arrived in Ottawa, as we’ve got some great shots to share with you all.

Arriving that the hotel in Ottawa, looks like we JUST fit under the canopy.


One of the evenings in Ottawa, allowed the guys to tour around the capital region. Here are a couple of shots at Canada’s Parliament Buildings.




A quick walk along the Rideau Canal.


And finally, a lovley sunset over the Parliament Buildings.


Next week, we break for CEDIA, if we haven’t yet scheduled a booth tour with you for CHIEF or Da-Lite (or BOTH!!!), please reach out to one of us to set that up!!!

We’ll be in touch in a few weeks to see what trouble we get up to in Canada’s Central Region!

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South Carolina on the Road Show

Been getting loads of fun pics all morning from the Road Show crew as they spend the day in South Carolina.


Group shot from a night out in Nashville after another long day before heading to South Carolina today.

LVMU Video Wall cart

I spy a video wall cart and a ceiling mounted menu board.

Outdoor show

I spy a blurry thumb! 🙂

The road show wants to make sure you are well fed.

The road show wants to make sure you are well fed.

break room

Frank says “Best Break Room Yet!”

Feedback time

Road Show includes feedback time so we can find out what you need, then create solutions.

IDEA cart wants attention

IDEA cart wants attention

Outdoor show

Great morning for an outdoor show

AV symbol

New symbol for AV?

Group by truck

Huddle up guys. On three, Show Solutions!


Breakfast with a side of Chief mount info.

No gravy

No gravy? I gotta eat mashed potatoes and biscuits with no gravy?! This won’t do!


Matt looking sharp, talkin’ bout some AV rack solutions.

Smile from Tyrel

Road show specialist, still smiling after more than 5 months on the road.

AV rack

Tony showing the slick features of the gangable G1 rack series


Helps to have some light control for showcasing projector screens.

Back on the truck

Back on the truck, off to the next stop!

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Walking in Memphis and Guiding Me To Tennessee

The road show team is trekking through Tennessee at present, showcasing the latest Chief products and taking in some local flavor. Here’s the latest from the road.

RPA projector mount

A bit of RPA training

RPA projector mount

Some more RPA training.


Some Da-Lite knowledge bombs are being dropped.

Chief follows up with Information Explosions

Chief follows up with Information Explosions

AV furniture

Careful with that!


Robert holds class – the subject is awesome flat panel mounting

Take a knee, team, this much product takes a couple minutes to explain.

Take a knee, team, this much product takes a couple minutes to explain.

Catalog Chief

New Catalog is coming soon, fellas.

Da-Lite screen

Da-Lite’s turn at the podium.


Frank is back on the Road Show to give Goldie some guidance when backing up.

Nashville stop

Stopped in Nashville for some Road Show demo.

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Catching up with the Road Show

Though vacations and training come and go for us at headquarters, the Road Show keeps on moving on down the road to new dealers, new states, new adventures. Today’s post is a bit of a catch up with the road show.


Goldie Haulin’s travels have led from Wisconsin to Chicago, Ill., down through Missouri and Kansas last week to reach Oklahoma today.  Here are pics from the team on their travels.

BS1tnd7CcAAn62H BS2A7JiCcAA18xv

video wall cart mount

Reliable video wall cart mount


Extra Large flat panel cart

First Road Show sighting of the new XPAU X-Large Fusion Manual Height Adjustable Mobile Cart


One way to frustrate our Road Show specialist? Park reeeealy close even with an empty parking lot.



The Road Show has lots of AV racks and furniture on hand to check out as well.



Nice acoustics in this room



Love good weather for a nice outdoor show.


Cajun Wharf

Pulled into Oklahoma today.

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The Week That Was a Blur!!!

We survived the initial unload and set up and were only missing one set of keys, a pretty good start if I might say so.

The trailer is looking good, and the evening light flatters her greatly.


The Halifax visits were a hoot. Many laughs were had over french fry equity, to the problems faced by installers on a Friday night. (really, it was quite funny). After two fun filled days in Halifax, we hit Moncton, just inside the New Brunswick border. Had an interesting unload there. Had to back the trailer up to a back hallway door, on a gravel road, through a field, avoided some rather large boulders, but Mike is a trailer driving champ. With a LARGE 2″ lip after the gravel to get the product in the door, we were pretty tired when we were done unloading and setting up by midnight.

Had a great team in the next day who brought in some end-users and helped us pack up afterwards, they were a little surprised to see that New Brunswick was missing from our trailer map, so I explained it was the “NEW” Canadian Geometry. (yes, I meant to write Geometry).


We had to get a group shot with the trailer, and then hit the road again, this time for Quebec City.

We discovered our truck was EXTREMELY thirsty, I bet she’d give Goldie Haulin a run for her money. 38.7 litres per 100 km was our fuel economy for the first 4 hours of our 7 hour drive. We emerged from the mountainous New Brunswick, and I handed the keys over to Mike. You MIGHT say it was his driving, but I say it was the terrain. We improved to 36.1 litres per 100 km. (Way to keep those revolutions low Mike!!!)

Unloaded and set up by just before 2am, therefore Thursday was a pretty slow day for us, mentally, but enjoyed the company of many great dealers!!! We also learned that many dealers here are using our MountFinder to let their screen mmanufacturer reps know when their new equipment is launching… I knew we were good, but that is IMPRESSIVE!


One last day and we will pack up for the week and drive on to Montreal where our trailer will have a well deserved break in the lovely city of Montreal for the weekend where the Road Show will pick up again next Monday!!!

Bonne fin de semaine!!!

(for photos from the Road, check the Twitter feed on the main page, #chiefroadshow).


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CHIEF & Da-Lite Roadshow Hits Eastern Canada

The Canadian Roadshow truck is on its way to Halifax, Nova Scotia to meet up with Mike Snizynsky and Allison Cooney to start the Eastern leg of the Canadian CHIEF and Da-Lite Roadshow.

Truck CHIEF SideAs you can see our trailer has a new “do” to show off some of the great products highlighted at InfoComm this past June. (sorry Westerners, we’ll update you next time we see you!!!)

Truck Da-Lite Side

Looking forward to seeing you all in Halifax Nova Scotia, Moncton New Brunswick and Quebec City Quebec next week!!!

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Fashion Week at the Road Show

In honor of Fashion Week, we’re taking a look at the Road Show Truck’s different looks over the years, including the debut of her latest outfit. She’s ready for the runway! Here’s the magazine spread:

Goldie fashion Goldie fashion2

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