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The Road Show has been making its way through Wisconsin this week, with plenty of stops along the way to showcase Goldie’s new look and the latest AV solutions from Chief and Da-Lite. Here are a few pics from the road.


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Road Show at Headquarters

Another Road Show first – the show was put on last week at Chief headquarters before taking a break to refresh the truck and take this week off. The show continues next week in Wisconsin!

Goldie at home

Nice to see Goldie back home for a bit.


Milestone Headquarters

Opening visit

The Milestone training rooms and showroom became the roadshow for a few hours

projector mounts

Kristin presents the projector mounts

flat panel ceiling mount

Kristin shows the ceiling flat panel mount and how easy it is to disengage for service.

Showroom video wall mount

Kristin uses the showroom for the second leg of the tour, a video wall cart.

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Close to home

The Road Show truck is getting a makeover this week while Road Show Specialist Extraordinare Tyrel gets some much needed R&R.

Last week was packed with dealer visits, including this one in Eden Prairie. We even had some just take a quick trip to Chief Headquarters for a Road Show stop that required no road.


Goldie arrives

Goldie arrives.

Gangable AV Rack

The team is ready for the next truck item to be unloaded.

Gangable AV Rack

The team unloads the G1 gangable rack.

Fusion cart

A rare view from inside Goldie Haulin at the team unloading the Fusion cart.

Famous Daves

Barbecue is always a welcome site on the Road Show.


And fixins.

G1 gangable racks

Always nice to see some Chief racks already at the site!

Projector mounts

The projector mount table gets into shape.

short throw projector mount

Tyrel makes quick work of adjusting the short throw mount.


A sweeping view of the Chief team in action setting up.

panorama 2

The Chief Fusion cart bookends the Da-Lite side of the Road Show set up.

Projector mounts

Kristin starts her presentation by going through the projector mounts.

iPad mounts

Kristin goes through the tablet mount solutions and the hinged wall rack.

Da-Lite time

Seth goes over the Da-Lite solutions on hand.

Chief guys

Being so close to home, lots of Chief engineers, marketers, product managers and quality control people tagged along to get fresh feedback about what installers and dealers need most.

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Minnesota day one, stop 3 – Minneapolis

The third stop of a packed Wednesday was in Minneapolis. The Road Show showed up in style.

Truck arrives

The truck has arrived

cell phones

The team preps for the show


Near a familiar landmark for University Avenue – the teacup of Cupcake. (The green cup halfway up that building on the left.)

backing in

Tyrel Boehm backs up

Beautiful day

Another beautiful day in Minneapolis. We need a few more of these before winter comes.

No skateboarding

No skateboarding! Goldie Haulin’ is totally bummed. 🙂

press box

Chief’s Joel (that’s me) tweets updates from the road show from his makeshift press box.

first arrival

First arrival to check out the show


Seth loves showing the latest Da-Lite screens.

lots of people

Before the official start of the presentation, we got some welcome feedback on solutions.


More feedback and fun.

Presentation begins

The Road Show stop has officially begun.

Ceiling Mounts

Kristin showcases the finer points of the single ceiling flat panel mounts.

behind the cart

You can tell a true installer – they want to see what’s behind the video wall cart.

Video wall cart

Kristin explains the features of the Fusion video wall cart

math time

Dennis gets into some of the new recommendations for HD screens

Chief mounts

Another successful Road Show stop for the books

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Goldie comes home

Goldie Haulin’ and the Road Show have arrived in the Twin Cities for a few shows before Goldie gets a new makeover. Being so close to home, lots of people from the Chief home office showed up to watch and talk directly to the people using Chief products. Between product managers, marketing, sales and engineering – it was a regular Chief-a-palooza.

Da-Lite’s Dennis opens every stop with two questions that everyone will have to answer by the end of the presentation: What is one thing you would like Chief to do? What is one thing you would like Da-Lite to do? Chief team members studiously took down all comments and questions.

It’s this sort of question that drives the Road Show and innovation at Milestone. We are always looking for feedback – both good and bad – to figure out what we can do next to provide the best service and products in the industry.

The Road Show is also our chance to showcase some of the latest products in person without the overwhelming sensation that comes from regular trade shows.

Goldie arrives

Goldie is on the scene!


Some days, it’s just easier to go in the front door.

truck and team

George and Mike arrive to help unload the truck.

Video wall cart

The LVM Video Wall Cart has put a lot of wheel time in.


The LPAU mobile cart gets help in from the office team member.


A nice spread for a noon road show stop

Chief mounts

First stop on the tour are the Chief projector mounts, the K3 monitor arrays and the LCM1 ceiling mount for flat screens.

AV Racks

Kristin goes over the benefits of Chief rack systems

AV Racks

Some office members take a closer look at the G1 rack.


Kristin shows some of the new benefits of Chief’s free RackBuilder program, including side view for better thermal management planning.

Fusion Cart

The Fusion Cart gathers attention with some slick video of all the Fusion solutions and how they work together.


The Da-Lite presentation begins


Seth goes over automated screens.

Dennis with ViewShare

Dennis shows the new ViewShare technology in action.

Viewshare in action

The new Da-Lite ViewShare solution in action, where a camera is embedded in the screen,

Da-Lite screens

Dennis shows some differences in color based on screen color

Back in the truck

It’s like watching a master Tetris player getting all the solutions back in the truck in the right order.

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If you build it, build it better – Roadshow in Iowa

The Road Show is hitting its stride in Iowa, heading north, and enjoying the weather. Here are the latest pics from Des Moines and Davenport.


LCM video wall

Nifty reflection on the LCM video wall mounts

Fusion cart

We can fit the road show pretty much anywhere.

Thinstall outside

Always nice to have weather on our side for an outdoor show.


I spy a W2 rack, FSRITB, Thinstall tilt, Thinstall Swing Arm and a ceiling mounted menu board.


Sine Da-Lite math-magic


Goldie appreciates getting to watch the show.

More show

We love meeting local dealers and installers and getting feedback.

Da-Lite 3

SIngle Ceiling Mount in front of Da-Lite screens

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The road show moved deftly through Omaha on its way to Des Moines this week. Here are some pics from the stops.

IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0715 IMG_0714 IMG_0711 IMG_0710 IMG_0706 BRJvqINCUAA6ZqY IMG_0705 IMG_0704



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Nebraska – Kicking Off the Midwest Leg of the Road Show

Goldie Haulin’ – the Road Show Truck – is sailing the seas of the Great Plains. First port of call – Lincoln, Nebraska.

The great weather is holding up this summer for more outdoor shows on the road.

Goldie at rest

Goldie takes a well deserved rest in Nebraska after the trip from Washington.

Outdoor show

Always great to be able to showcase our latest mounts and racks outdoors.

Flat Panel Mounts

Video wall carts, Thinstall Swing Arms, Fusion wall and ceiling mounts – it’s all on the truck.


Lincoln is kicking off the Midwest leg of the Road Show.

Goldie's blue side

Goldie’s blue side – because she can.


Kristin goes over the projector mounts.

Ceiling mounted menu board

Spot the ceiling mounted menu board and storage accessory.

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Fun and Games

The truck may be gone off to the Midwest, but the team out west was still at it Thursday. Mitch and Tim held a picnic games events, complete with egg and spoon race.

Mitch and Tim

Da-Lite and Chief, working together.

presentation Presentation 2 picnic games eggs!

Mitch, professional egg refereegame on ready to go Mitch the referee

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Good Night, Seattle, and So Long, West Coast!

The Road Show team has wrapped up the West Coast. Mitch and Michelle are heading home for well-deserved rests after 6 weeks on the road. Road Show Specialist, Tyler Boehm, and Goldie Haulin’ are heading to Nebraska over the next few days to start the Midwest leg of this summer’s journey. Wave if you see her!

Space Needle

Guess where the Road Show Team is.

Wall of fame

The West Coast team has thrown down the gauntlet.


Getting screen time with customers.

Hurricane Mitch

Alert! Mitch is on the loose!

Solution spread

Ready for a buffet of good food and great AV solutions.


Screens so good you don’t even notice the piles of food nearby.

Fusion cart

Michelle with the Fusion Cart


Mitch discusses projector mount solutions.

Nice team

One final pic before we all head off in different directions.

Naughty team

OK, one more



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