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Seattle, Slugs, and AV Solutions

It’s day two in Seattle for the Road Show team as they tie a bow on the West Coast leg of the tour. Chief’s Karen and Liz are along for the ride this week and sent in some pics.


This slug was the first photo Joel got in his inbox this morning. He shuddered a lot.

Karen at sign in

Welcome to the road show, let’s sign you in!

Happy sun

No sun is complete without a happy face. Interactive products are user friendly.


Always got to have some swag on hand for visitors


Mitch gets some feedback on solutions.

monitor mounts

Karen talks up the benefits of Chief’s monitor array solutions.

Mitch with Fusion

Mitch showcases the Fusion wall mounts. Thinstall is in the foreground.


Da-Lite and Chief make great partners for the Road Show tour.

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Goldie Haulin’ Goes to Washington

State, that is.

The Road Show team finished California and are spending a couple days in Seattle, Wash. This will be the last few days on the Road Show for Michelle and Mitch and the last of the West Coast stretch, which began in Albuquerque, N.M. on June 17. Google Map charts it as more than 3,300 miles not counting all the back and forth within the regions going from dealer to dealer.

West Coast road show map

3374 miles. More Road Show maps at the tab at the top of the page.

After that, it’s off to the Midwest region – starting in Nebraska.

Here are a few pics from Northern California.


Showing different Da-Lite screen textures

Mitch and Short Throw Projector Mount

Mitch demos a short throw mount.

big chair

Some big calls require big chairs

Goldie Haulin' in Washington

In Washington


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Finishing California Week

The Road Show team is wrapping up California week today. Here are some pics from the past few days:


Happy birthday, Jeff!

short throw mount

Laid back and checking out screens and mounts

floor space

We don’t need a lot of floor space for a road show stop, but it’s nice when it happens.


Fun with architecture


Hi to you too.

Richmond Bridge

Crossing the Richmond Bridge

Interactive solutions

Interactive solutions are on display in force here.

dirty truck

Goldie Haulin’ looks like she could use a bath.

Outside show

We also got in an outdoor show this week.

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Scott’s Phoenix Pics

Scott Rohe, last year’s road show specialist and current multimedia designer for Chief, re-joined the road show last week in Phoenix. He put together the following shots from the week. Gotta say – pretty nice pictures!

Tyrel on truck PhxRdShow_16 da-lite demo 2 da-lite demo trading cards More interactive da-lite michelle Michelle presenting demo 2 demo Chief interactive Da-Lite duo Chief hat Da-lite registration Michelle wiping acrylics Tyrel with literature

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California day 2

The Road Show crew sent a few pics from their time so far in California.

When I (Joel) look at these, I can’t help but add the soundtrack of California songs I grew up with – songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tupac, The Mamas & The Papas, and The Beach Boys (hey, 60s songs can also be a part of my childhood thanks to the magic of radio).

What songs play on your internal jukebox when you think about California?

Looking for Tyrel

Road Show team is looking for Tyrel.

video wall cart

Michelle discusses video wall carts and ceiling display mounts.


Great day for an outdoor show.


Michelle discusses some furniture options.

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California is the place we oughta be

The Road Show rolled into California this week for stops in the LA area and up the coast to Sunnyvale by Friday. The road show keeps on trucking. Here’s a few shots sent in by the team over the weekend.

Arizona landscape

The road show truck doesn’t balk at any landscape challenge!

Fusion LPAU cart

Tyrel checks the Fusion LPAU cart.


The Road Show solutions all in a row.

Fusion mount

Scott cannot abide a smudge on a Fusion mount display.

feedback wall

Visitors at this event were asked to provide feedback via stickers.


The road show hit their second coast this summer. Hello California!

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The Road Show team has been hanging out in Phoenix this week, with the addition of last year’s road show specialist, Scott Rohe, returning to his old haunts. No reports of him saving lives this time – just helping display the latest products from Chief.

Group photo

Great group of people, ready to showcase AV solutions!


People at this event were asked to provide feedback on products using stickers.

name tag

This guy got feedback on his nametag.


The team opens shipped marketing materials.

looking at products

Checking out products.


Checking out the screens.

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The Scenic American West

One of the best things about the road show is the opportunity to get out and see the best scenic views the country has to offer. The road show wrapped up Salt Lake City last week before heading south to Phoenix, Ariz. Road Show Specialist Extraordinaire Tyrel Boehm sent in these pics from the road.


IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0548 IMG_0547 IMG_0546 IMG_0544 river in canyon IMG_0541 IMG_0538 future tumbleweeds IMG_0534 IMG_0533 IMG_0532 Roadside rest stop IMG_0530 IMG_0529 IMG_0528 IMG_0527 IMG_0526 IMG_0525 IMG_0524 IMG_0522 Goldie at rest IMG_0523

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Wrapping up Salt Lake City

The Road Show Crew finished up Salt Lake City yesterday and will be taking a long weekend before Phoenix on Tuesday.


Goldie Haulin hangs out a lot.

IDEA cart

Duct tape it up! The IDEA Cart sheath version 4.2.


Nice turnout at this event.

Next stop

Next stop, the top!

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Salt Lake City Part II: Cruise Control

The Road Show crew continues its mission to bring the latest AV solutions to Salt Lake City this week. Here are more pics from the team.

Work gloves

West Coast sign, or aspiring work glove model?

Set up

The Road Show crew sets up and tears down with precision teamwork.

Back of Truck

Seems like a missed opportunity for a “The Right Stuff” shot.


Solutions so brilliant, it’s like looking into the sun.

Fusion Cart

Michelle shares the finer points of the Fusion Cart

Setting up

The team quickly sets up solutions

Final touches

Final touches for alignment

Feedback time

Getting feedback on our latest products is an invaluable part of the Road Show.

Projector mounts

Michelle shares the finer points of projector mounts.

Video Wall Cart

David makes some quick adjustments to the Fusion video wall cart.

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