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Denver Day 3

The Road Show Team continues its way through Denver today. Here are some pics from yesterday’s stops.

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AV in the Mile High City

The Road Show continues in and around Denver this week. Here are more pics from the crew on Wednesday.

Projector Mounts Video Walls photo 3 TV Mounts Video Wall Solutions BNsdUT_CMAEAm13

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Things to do in Denver when you’re AV

The Road Show trekked across New Mexico to reach Denver this week for a full schedule of stops with dealers and installers to showcase the latest solutions from Chief and Da-Lite. Here’s a few pics from day one.

New Mexico

Goldie Haulin’ had no problem eating miles through the New Mexico landscape on the way to Denver.

Rabbit ears

Don’t see rabbit ears in the AV world much anymore. Can you spot them here?

Da-Lite screen


Michelle gives the low down on Chief’s latest solutions

Da-Lite screen

Mike Moon and Ty Boom

Mike Moon and Ty Boom


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Albuquerque update, NASCAR style

The team sent in a couple more photos from Albuquerque this afternoon along with the following note:

“Fun fact… This dealer’s office is next door to NASCAR driver Al Unser Jr’s “office” where he and his team tinker with their toys… Motorcycles, hobby cars etc. The only problem? Unser’s shop is incredibly loud! :)”

We bet Goldie is loving it.

demo pic1 Demo pic 2

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A week in Albuquerque, NM

The Road Show is back in action after an InfoComm break, spending most of this week in Albuquerque. And no, they didn’t take a wrong turn. You need to quit watching so many cartoons.

Temperatures have been high, so the crew has taken to looking for shade, and even got Goldie Haulin some reflectors to keep the cabin cool during the day.

Truck no parking

Goldie Haulin’ has trouble obeying signs sometimes.


Goldie is loving the new shades to keep cooler on the sunny days.


We’ll take any shade we can get!

Goldie employee

Goldie’s ego got a boost this week.


Michelle showcases the recent award winning LPAU cart.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 West Coast Roadshow Day 1 BNIlD6_CYAEl4S0

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A Week in Round Rock, Texas

The Road Show had a full week in Round Rock, Texas, with the Dell Projector Team last week to showcase Chief and Da-Lite products with Dell projectors. More than 200 people attended per day of the event at the campus.

Elizabeth Klauda, Distribution Sales and Marketing Manager, said the K3 monitor array, video wall cart and the HD progressive screen had the best reactions from visitors.

“It was a great way for the Dell reps to see so many of our products at one time,” said Klauda.

The Road Show is cooling its heels for another week during InfoComm, but will start up again June 17 in New Mexico!

Truck with Dell Dell 1 Dell3 Dell 4 Dell5 dell6 dell 7 dell 12 dell 11 dell 10

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