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The Road Show Crew is wrapping up in San Antonio to close out the first four weeks of Road Show. The team has covered five states now and they’re a bit tuckered out. Next week, Goldie Haulin will be cooling her tires for the holiday.

In the meantime, the team went into overdrive to capture the past couple very busy days in pictures. Enjoy.photo 5

photo 3[1] photo 2[1] photo 1 kL2cGQY61o Summit-3 Summit-4 Summit-5 Summit-6 Summit-7 Summit-8 Summit-9 Summit-10 Summit-11 Summit-12 Ford-1 Ford-2 Ford-3

Robert with Interactive

Robert shows some interactive features

Goldie shade

Goldie makes for some good shade.

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Austin – Day 2

Austin is getting a full, Texas-sized serving of Road Show this week. The crew is going strong with the holiday weekend in sight and a well-earned week of rest. Today they finish up Austin. Tomorrow – San Antonio.

And the weather has been holding up well for more outdoor shows. Fresh air to go along with fresh solutions.

Show outdoors

The truck loves to cozy up to the outdoor shows when possible.

Goldie gets some rest

Goldie Haulin’ earns a break.


Texas-sized dinner after a long day on the road.

Table Tennis

Hey, guys? The road show is over here. Guys?

Two peas in a pod

Safety first!

Solutions galore

Menu Board, Short Throw, Video Wall, and more.


Not much room? No problem!



Always nice to see a gigantic finger photobomb the show 🙂


Hard to believe it all fits in this truck.

Even the sun wants to check out Chief’s solutions.

setting up

Another day, another set up. Bring it on!

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What would you ask the truck?

The Road Show has been going for four weeks now. Today the team is in Austin, Texas, soaking up sun. Goldie Haulin’ – the road show truck – enjoys getting to watch the outside demos. We’re going to carve out some time soon to get a good Q & A in with Goldie. Do you have a question you’d like to ask the Road Show truck? Let us know below!

Austin 1

Another gorgeous day in Austin, Texas, for some outdoor demos.

Robert Racks

Robert talks about the many features of Chief rack solutions.


Tyrel navigates Austin traffic.



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Road Show Team Cowboys Up in Dallas

The Road Show team is in Dallas today, showcasing the latest and greatest Chief and Da-Lite products. By the looks of it, the conditions have been great for some outdoor shows.

Sunrise over Texas

Sunrise over Texas – stick a fork in it, cause it’s done

Truck unloading

Great weather for some outdoor shows


Monitor arrays, ceiling mount and projector mounts – all in a row.

demo time

Stephen and Robert showcase the latest monitor arrays and ceiling flat panel solutions.

Now these two photos were sent in by Road Show Specialist Tyrel Boehm, and they almost demand a story. Where did everyone go? Why is Goldie Haulin’, the road show truck, lurking nearby with doors open like a startled pufferfish? Tell us your guess below.
out back outback2

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Ty Boom Goes the Blog Post

Road Show Specialist, Tyrel Boehm (a.k.a. Ty Boom), found some time in the crazy Road Show schedule to send in some notes about life on the road.


“Three weeks in and I’d have to say that it’s been a wild ride so far,” he writes. “I’ve traveled through 12 states, five of which we have done the road show in. It adds up to 3103 miles of driving, not counting the week and a half in Canada.”

Shade truck work station

“All the stops have been great and effective from what I can tell, but I would have to say that the Dave and Busters events were the most fun.”


“Getting used to the southern climate has not been too challenging having lived here for a few years, but I still often yearn for the dry thin air of the north. The days are often long with many 4:30 a.m. wake ups, though I’m sure I am up well before the rest of the crew.”


“With not really enough time between stops to realize that you are tired, we keep moving along down the road.  The weekends are a mix bag of expense reports, logs, and “relaxing” with some forced guitar playing in between.”


“The truck or Goldie Hualin’ as someone cleverly coined has been treating me well, with some minor modifications here and there. The ravenous thirst for petroleum products keeps me busy but is also a good excuse to stretch the legs a bit.”


Mike and Onion Ring

Don’t get between Mike and his onion rings.

“We are now at a transition point moving from the South East to the Texas teams, so I have been getting to work with some new people.  And it seems that we will come back around in a few months and work with them again. I especially look forward to catching up with my boy Matt from the Mattlanta crew.”

Texas5 Texas4 Texas3 Texas2 Texas1

“Only one more week to go and I get a little time off for Memorial day which is nice, flying home to North Dakota to hang with family a bit.”


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Photo catch up

It’s been a few days since we’ve posted a bunch of photos from the road, so they are piling up. Here are the last pics from Mississippi:



Under or over, the Road Show will get there.

Bridge over water

Over or under, the Road Show will get there.

Road show stop

It all comes down to meeting people and showing them a wide range of great AV solutions.

Big burger

Not sure how much more they could fit on this and still call it a burger.

rain truck

Friday started with some rough weather, but Goldie can handle it.

Golf world

Wait a minute, this is a road show, right?


Golf – the ultimate distraction.

Truck wash

After a few weeks on the road, Goldie loves getting a good wash in.

Out of the way

All the crew needs is an out of the way spot and we’ll take it from there.

Goldie by building

Goldie can color match your building if needed. 🙂

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Introducing the Road Show Truck’s New Name for 2013

The Road Show Truck has been steadily rolling along through the Southeast for about three weeks, bringing Chief and Da-Lite’s latest and greatest solutions to dealers, installers and distributors.

Last year, the truck’s nickname was conjured up by Chief’s Mike Moon and Scott Rohe as they fought stiff headwinds on the way to their first showing. With the new year and the truck’s new look – including a wind resistant scoop! – Mike thought the truck needed a new name, so we had a contest. We got lots of great suggestions and narrowed the list down to our top three for voting.

After a week of voting, the results are in. Please say hello to the Road Show Truck, also known on this blog as…

Goldie Haulin’

Thanks to Jessica Spicer for the winning suggestion! Thanks to everyone who voted. The Chief team loves the new name.

Goldie is now trekking through Texas making new AV industry friends. She loves having her picture taken, so feel free to snap a shot.

She’ll also tweet from time to time about her adventures on the road at twitter.com/GoldieHaulin

Here’s how the voting broke down:

Voting results

And some beauty shots of Goldie.

Truck in the morning RoadshowTruck

Backing up

Looks like Tyrel Boehm has become the Hawkeye of backing up the truck – always on target.

Georgia Dome 2

The Truck made a short stop to check out the Georgia Dome.

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How to Train Your Road Show Specialist

Chief searched far and wide for a road show specialist to take the wheel this year, and we found just the person in Tyrel Boehm (a.k.a. Ty Boom). Before we could let him take the wheel though, we had to put him through some specialized training.

After you watch the video, don’t forget to vote for the truck’s new name! We’re announcing the new name tomorrow!


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Catching up with Canada

The Canada Road Show has been rolling, sometimes floating, along through the majestic Rockies and all the way back to Ontario (for Dave) and Manitoba (for Allison) for a well-earned break. Here’s a few pics from the road so far.

International Bridge

At International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Giant Goose

We are big fans of BIG animal sculptures.

Bear photo

We hope this bear mountie didn’t always get his man.


Nothing like some home cooked BBQ after a few weeks on the road show.

At Fisherman's Warf

Wendy from Da-Lite was also able to join the team.


Made it to Barrie with the truck to drop off the trailer for now.


This Moose is impressive


At Kenna Cartwright Park, Kamloops BC


Morning in Canmore, driving east.

Timmy's break

There’s always time for a Tim Hortons break.


There are some LSMVUs in that olympic location.

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Florida in the morning

The Road Show Crew has been keeping up a break neck pace in Florida today, with only some time to post a few photos. We’ll be in Mississippi tomorrow, then on to Texas next week!

Florida morning

Good Morning, Florida!

Fried Gator

Regional foods are always welcome with the road show team. Have some deep fried alligator!

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