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Day 2: Georgia

Pretty Pic

The Road Show had a great time at yesterday’s first stops.

The Road Show Truck has been enjoying the Georgia weather.

Frank Pisano reported that the team braved a little rain with their first stop, but the weather cleared up for a nice show out in the fresh air. The first few stops are always a learning experience with loading and unloading the “Tetris game on steroids” that fitting all the products can become.

Here are the latest pics from the road


Outside show

Inside, outside, the Road Show can handle it.

First stop 2

After a bit of rain, the weather cleared up nicely.

First stop 3

Racks, mounts and more

First stop
First stop of Tuesday

Unloading the truck

Unloading the truck.

Demos are what the Road Show is all about - up close looks at our latest solutions.

Demos are what the Road Show is all about – up close looks at our latest solutions.


Big warehouses are also great for showcasing products.

Check it out

The Road Show Team loves meeting people face-to-face to answer questions and get feedback.

Don't feed

Don’t feed the Chief employees please. We bring our own food. 🙂

Loading up

After the show, we load up and head on to the next stop.

Bug pic

A lot of brave bugs were lost on the way from Minnesota to Georgia.


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Name the truck!

Last year, the truck’s name, “Gale Stymie,” was born early on in the Road Show. The Big Yellow Truck had survived a steady buffeting of Great Plains winds by standing toe to toe with Gale-force winds and saying, “meh.”


It’s a new year, and The Big Yellow Truck has had quite a makeover to convey the partnership between Chief and Da-Lite for the Road Show. She also has a snazzy new wind resistant scoop in front, so her name doesn’t make as much sense anymore. She’s a new truck, and she wants a new name.

valentine's truck

Big Yellow Truck loves the road.

Help her out. We’re taking suggestions for the next week.

On May 6, we’ll pick our favorites (perhaps add a few of our own), and hold a vote. We’ll even send a $25 Amazon gift card for the winning suggestion.

Submit your suggestion now!


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Meet Tyrel Boehm, Road Show Specialist


The Chief Road Show has launched the 2013 season today in Atlanta, and will spend the week visiting several locations in Georgia.

This year, Tyrel Boehm has taken the wheel as the Chief Road Show Specialist. It takes an exceptional person to take off on the road for 7 months to all points U.S. (and some Canada). Consider this introduction a written handshake for the newest member of the Road Show team.


When Tyrel saw the Road Show position, it seemed like a natural fit with his interest in audio and travel.

“The stars aligned,” he said. “When I was in the Army, I got a taste for adventure. I like to travel and see other parts of the country. And the Road Show is related to what I do on the Audio Video side.”

Tyrel has been a fan of music and all things audio since getting his first guitar in high school. He enjoyed taking apart VCRs and video games, hosted LAN parties and built his own computer. In the Army, he reached E4 rank as a specialist in network switching systems operation and maintenance.

Since leaving the Army in 2003, he spent six years as a foreman for tree companies in Mandan and Fargo, N.D., before moving to Minneapolis to attend the Institute of Production and Recording where he studied audio engineering, music composition and film post-production. He worked as a lab technician for the institute for a year, helping to set up and tear down studios, including loading AV rack gear for a new building. He continues to compose scores for independent feature films on the side.

In his spare time, Tyrel enjoys watching documentaries about science and doing all he can to learn new things.

Tyrel helped kick off Canada’s Road Show in Winnipeg earlier this month for 10 days before heading back to Minneapolis to start the journey with the Big Yellow Truck to the Southeast. He arrived in Atlanta last night. Tyrel will be helping to update this blog from time to time during his adventures on the road. You can follow Tyrel’s adventures on the road here at the Road Show Blog and on Twitter by following @ChiefRoadMaster.

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Week 2.5 – Photos

The Canada Road Show is in Calgary and Kelowna this week. We’ve got a few pics from the trip so far…

Mountie Hats

Chief’s Mike Moon and Scott Rohe have Canada fever from following the Canada tweets and posts online.

Cooney with truck

Allison Cooney took over truck duties after Road Show Specialist Tyrel Boehm’s departure last week.

No Rest

Chief Road Show means getting up before dawn to get to the next stop.

Border crossing

The orange posts indicate the Saskatchewan/Alberta border.

Bison ranch

A bison/buffalo ranch.

Great room A

West Edmonton’s road show event was in Great Room A (or is it Great Room, Eh?) 🙂






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How did we get here???

20km East of Winnipeg

20km East of Winnipeg

Greetings from Sunny Edmonton, well I heard from someone that it was sunny earlier. 🙂 We are almost at the end of week 1.5 of the Canadian Western Canada Road Show 2013. We began in Winnipeg mid last week, just a mere 20kms East of the longitudinal centre of Canada.

Home of the Double Lolly, a.k.a. The Chalky Pop

Home of the Double Lolly, a.k.a. The Chalky Pop

After picking up the Road Show Crew at the airport, we headed out to Penner Trailers to pick up our new Canadian Road Show trailer. What a great team of people they have and they really helped us out in “hooking” us up with a great trailer.


Welcome to Winnipeg!

Welcome to Winnipeg!

In getting the Road Show Crew aquainted with Winnipeg, we discussed many things, Portage and Main (the windy corner), Assiniboine Credit Union, River and Park, how Neil Young went to MY High School… however we did have some trouble understanding one another, due to the lack of understanding of Canadian Geometry. [inside joke].

The Winnipeg Show Crew

The Winnipeg Show Crew

Thanks to Trevor Wowk at Inland AV, we got a photo of the Winnipeg team, Tyrel Boehm, David Galos, Mike Moon and me… Allison Cooney.

A BIG Thanks to all the dealers who came through, John and Cheryl Healey for the projector loaner, and the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg.

On Sunday we drove on to Regina, Saskatchewan, set up and then showed to customers the next day, tore down and drove up to Saskatoon, also in Saskatchewan. What a whirlwind! And a little slippy, when will winter end???

We had an early morning set up on Tuesday, showed all day and then tore down, thank goodness we didn’t drive until the next morning, when we set out for Edmonton, Alberta. Set up is getting easier and easier, and we got set up the night before another day of meetings. It’s sure nice to spend a few days in the same place trying to keep up with all the great business happening these days and getting caught up on some sleep and muscle recovery. (thank goodness that most of the 3000 lbs. of product is on casters.)

After this week I’ll be saying goodbye to @ChiefRoadMaster (Tyrel) and pick up Eastern Canada Rep Mike Snizynsky on Sunday evening in Calgary. I hope to see many of you in Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria, book your appointments to avoid disappointment… times have been busy!!!



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Canada Road Show Hits the Road – Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Mike and Moose

Chief’s Mike Moon meets his first Moose on the Canada Road Show

The Canada Chief Road Show has begun! The team started out last week in Winnipeg and is currently making their way through Saskatchewan with stops in Regina and Saskatoon before heading on to Edmonton, Alberta. The team has been crazy busy, but is enjoying the opportunity to share Chief and Da-Lite’s latest products with local dealers and installers.

Road Show Truck

Meet Canada’s Road Show Truck

Chief logo on trailer

The Road Show Canada trailer’s got a nice Chief decal.

Stress testing shelves

Stress testing some shelves in the trailer. (They passed.)

Tim Hortons coffee

The U.S. team was introduced to Tim Horton’s Coffee and Candian maple doughnuts. (They devoured.)

Late night

The crew spent their first night setting up all the products to kick off the road show.


set up1

By morning, everything was ready to go.



The Road Show team is making their way west, including stops in Saskatchewan.

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