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The Road Show Encore

Joel Hagen here. After 7 months of writing about the Road Show from afar as it made its way across the country, I finally got a chance to watch it in action a few weeks ago. The reality matched the expectations I had built up over the summer – it was a fun and enlightening experience.

Road Show Setup

The Road Show had something of an encore tour for Twin Cities metro area dealers. It was quite an experience to be able to watch it happen with my own eyes, to see first hand some reactions from the guys in the AV field to the latest Chief and Da-Lite products.


That’s me on the left there, trying to be all inconspicuous
while the sales people rocked the house.

There’s a surreal aspect to driving across town and seeing the Big Yellow Truck at a loading dock and knowing I found the right place. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall to watch the sales team rock the house with their presentations and get great feedback on what’s interesting and what isn’t from the installers.


Seth Baker is always ready to annotate an interactive
presentation with the ergonomic stylus

The products on the truck have weathered more wear this summer than they would expect to see in a lifetime of use. The truck, Gale Stymie herself, has also eaten a lot of pavement through cold mountaintops to the blisteringly hot days of July. Scott Rohe, Road Show Specialist, saw highways up and down the country, stopping from time to time to help stranded motorists and even saving a stranger’s life.

There’s something to be said for the mythology of the travelling salesman bringing wares from door to door across the country, a tradition that has it’s own mathematics problem and that sparked one of America’s greatest plays. Above all, the Chief Road Show is about people, getting to spend time with each other and with dealers and installers. It’s a great chance to get to show off our most exciting products while maintaining connections that have lasted for decades. The wall of signatures in the truck has grown over the summer, showing just how many people took part in this endeavor.

Wall of Road Show Fame

And now Gail Styme, the Big Yellow Truck, has earned a rest. The Big Yellow Truck will soon enter hibernation for the winter. Next spring, who knows. Maybe Gail Stymie will emerge from her slumber much as she is today? Will she relocate to Canada? Will she be the mother of more Yellow Trucks to send out across the states? Who knows …

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite pictures from this summer on the road. Thank you to everyone who spent time with the Road Show to learn about our products and share feedback.

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