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Swimming Pools, Movie Stars

The Road Show has spent the week in Los Angeles. Celebrity sightings, product showcases and sunny weather. Chief’s Karen Smidt has been with the Road Show for the back half of the week, and will be writing about the experience next week. Until then, enjoy some pics from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, hope you had a great AV week, and y’all come back now, ya hear?

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Big Yellow Truck Left Her Home in ‘Sota, Headed for the Frisco Bay

The Road Show Crew had a great time last week in the San Francisco area, where, like Tony Bennet, they left their heart. Luckily, the Big Yellow Truck has a lot of heart to give.

The team enjoyed showing the latest and greatest Chief and Da-Lite products.


The Road Show Crew is also getting pretty fancy with the landscape shots they send in. Now that cooler weather is upon us here in Minnesota, with winter not too far behind, these photos are making us long for some palm trees.

This week the Road Show Crew is in the Los Angeles area, putting out a casting call for installers and dealers of any age. Must be interested in creating fantastic AV environments.

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Photos Galore From Three States

The Road Show Team has gone into overdrive in sending pictures, which is awesome. We even got a bunch of photos from Wisconsin

The team had a great time showing the latest and greatest products in Washington and Oregon last week, and send in a truck load of fun pics.

The Road Show is spending this week in California. Today they are in San Rafael, across the bay from San Francisco. They’ll be in the SF area for the next few days and head to Santa Barbara for Friday.

They said Californy is the place you ought to be,

So they packed the Yellow Truck and drove toward Beverly.

Hills that is.



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Elvis has left the building, it’s your turn to sing

What would you do if you had to take the stage to sing after Elvis? Or the Beatles?

How does one follow up a rousing story like this week’s post about saving lives and mass evacuations? The answer is you can’t. There’s just no way!

So instead, here are a bunch of pictures from this week in and around Seattle. Enjoy!

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Saving Lives and Mass Evacuations: Chief’s First Week Out West

We were all darn proud of Scott Rohe, Road Show Specialist, for  helping a random stranger change a flat tire earlier this summer.

But what happened last week during his trip to Salt Lake City makes Scott a bone fide HERO.

On Tuesday, Scott was driving the Big Yellow Truck through Wyoming, near Green River. At a weigh station stop, Scott was given the green light to go on, but as he made his way to the exit, a car across the street caught his attention.

The car came to a screeching halt, and an elderly man fell out of the driver’s seat onto the ground. His wife in the rider’s seat was screaming for help.

Scott threw the Big Yellow Truck into park, blocking the weigh station exit, and ran across the street to see what was happening.

The woman yelled that the man, her husband, was choking to death. Because of the man’s position, Scott started to pat his back. It wasn’t helping.

The woman kept screaming.

Scott pounded harder.

It worked!

“He started spitting out all this white stuff,” Scott said. “He came to at that point.”

The wife said it wasn’t the first time she had seen this happen, and something about his airway closing on him. Scott was too busy saving lives and being awesome to take careful notes at this point. By that time, officers at the weigh station saw that the Big Yellow Truck was blocking the exit and came to investigate. They saw Scott across the street and came over.

“One of them ran back to get his cop car to escort them to the hospital,” Scott said.

And like some sort of Bruce Banner mystery hero, Scott headed off into the sunset.

Cut to Thursday night. Scott is in downtown Salt Lake City with Chief and Da-Lite Road Show Crew members after a wonderfully busy day at three dealers.

They noticed that the area suddenly started to fill with law enforcement, and they were told to evacuate downtown. Later that night, Scott caught up on the news.

The Salt Lake City standoff came to an end when a man who had threatened to detonate a bomb at a light rail station was fatally shot by officers. The bomb was safely detonated by police.

Scott, here’s hoping your week in Washington is a bit less hectic!

Today, the Yellow Truck begins a week around Puget Sound in Washington, including stops in Redmond, Issaquah, Bellevue, Tukwila, Renton, Seattle and Olympia. They will finish the week in Gresham and Beverton, Oregon.

Trust us, Pacific Northwest, you’ll want Scott on the scene if anything goes down.

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