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Meet Scott Rohe, Road Show Specialist

It takes a special kind of person to dedicate a whole spring, summer and fall to driving a big yellow truck around the country. Scott Rohe is that person. Since April, he’s been Lewis and Clarking his way across the states, and stopped in at Chief Corporate Headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn., for a pit stop. Next week begins the final leg of the journey, all points West.

Scott has a background in the U.S. Army for four years, and spent time in college before pursuing photography, videography and web design. He is an Indiana native who had lived in Tennessee for six years before he moved back to the Hoosier State.

His uncle, Jay Rohe, Director of Sales at Chief, got a hold of Scott during the winter and mentioned the possibility of doing the road show.

“He came down and interviewed me without me knowing,” Scott said. “Next thing you know he presented me the offer.”

With no obligations and no rent, Scott said the opportunity came along at just the right time. His only concern was his dog, Buddy, a boxer who is living with Scott’s mother for the summer.

Scott said the change from regular life to a life on the road in the Big Yellow Truck was weird – getting used to checking into hotels every night, packing up, organizing, and developing a workflow took a lot of adjustment. Laundry was the biggest challenge.

“My weekends are filled with laundry and expense reports,” he said. “Then Sunday I’m driving again, back on the road.”

What he does enjoy is meeting all the sales reps and the opportunity to visit different cities.

“And the food. I’ve been eating tremendously well,” he said.

Scott’s schedule begins at 6 a.m. and goes on to 6 p.m. most days, he said. Then after a quick change at the hotel, it’s off to dinner with the sales reps. He’s managed to drive the Big Yellow Truck back to Indiana several times over the summer to visit home. The last leg of the trip will take him through Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

It has been a long summer for Scott and Gale Stymie, the name he gave the big yellow truck.

“I’m going to miss Gale a little bit. There’s going to be separation anxiety toward the end,” Scott said.

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The Big Yellow Truck is On the Road Again

After a few days at headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn., Gale Stymie, the Big Yellow Truck, is back on the road. This time, she’s heading to all points West, starting with Salt Lake City in three days.

As the truck begins the final leg of the 2012 Road Show journey, here are some stats from Mike Moon.

Total Miles Traveled: 13,769
States visited: 21
Dealers visited: 199
TX: 12
LA: 5
FL:  19
GA: 20
SC: 10
NC: 11
IL: 12
VA: 12
MD: 8
PA: 17
NY: 11
NJ: 7
MA: 8
RI: 3
ME: 2
NH: 3
OH: 9
KY: 6
IN: 2
MO: 6
WI: 7
Dealer/Consultant/End User Events: 7
Shows Visited: 4

Safe travels, Big Yellow Truck!

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CEDIA Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Dean Rockwell of Grand Home Automation Inc.  in Hudsonville, Michigan!

We collected the names of all the people who came to the booth with their mailers and those who took their picture with the Road Show Truck at CEDIA Expo 2012. For stopping by, Dean is now the proud owner of a 60” TV and large Thinstall™ swing arm mount from Chief.

Enjoy it, Dean!

A couple pics of the drawing.

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Road Show Trucking from St. Louis to Chicago and Beyond

After a successful showing at CEDIA, the Road Show Truck is back on the road. The team spent the first part of the week in St. Louis for 6 dealer meetings in two days. Today they are in Chicago.

“It went great,” said Seth Baker, Regional Sales Manager Pro AV. “We had great attendance at all the meetings and strong interactions with customers.”

Baker said his time with the Road Show in Michigan, Missouri and next week in Wisconsin has been powerful – to be able to work with Chief and Da-Lite team members to bring all the new product categories to customers.

He’s looking forward to next week in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisc., as it will provide the Chief and Da-Lite teams the opportunity to bring hands-on demonstrations to some remote offices.

“Bringing the truck to those locations allows us to interact with our customers in a unique environment, but it also provides installers, engineers and sales teams more hands-on training with our key products,” Baker said.

The camera crew in the below pics is helping record the team presentation to share with counterparts on the west coast.

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Another Embarrassing Photo from the Road Show

Mike Moon sent this picture from CEDIA, where the truck was parked last week.

We had a lot of people take us up on the offer to snap their photo with Gale Stymie, the Big Yellow Truck, and bring their photo to the Chief booth to win a nifty prize (see those pics below). However, we found out the truck’s tank was too full to be parked on the show floor, hence the above picture.

But Mike, really, do you have to take pictures of the truck in such an embarrassing and compromising position? Gale’s parents might see this! There’s nothing worse than having pictures floating around on the internet of your stomach being pumped because you are too gassy.

Seriously guys. Let’s keep it clean!

Here are some pictures of all the people who said hi to Gale at CEDIA for a prize from Chief.

This week, Gale and the Road Show Crew are in Missouri, the Show Me State.

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Big Yellow Waiting for You at CEDIA

The Big Yellow Truck is at CEDIA, quietly waiting at booth 5756.

Take your picture with Big Yellow, and bring it to Chief booth 4835 to get a nifty prize. We’ve gotten a lot of great photos already. Here are a few of them.

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Michigan again

The team sent more photos from the road. Is it us, or do they look like they are having too much fun?

The Big Yellow Truck will be at CEDIA this week, hanging out all by its lonesome at booth 5756. Take your picture with the Road Show truck and bring it to Chief booth 4835 for a special prize while supplies last. It’s the world’s easiest scavenger hunt!


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