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Hello, Michigan

The Chief Road Show is in The Mitten State this week.

We’d like to say that Scott busted out some sweet freestyle, 8-Mile style, but alas. Seriously, though, there are a LOT of songs about Detroit. Here’s what Wikipedia has.

The team had a good time in Detroit and surrounding area so far. Heading to Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. Wave hello if you see the Big Yellow Truck!

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Road Show or Food Show?

Every day for several months, the Road Show crew has been out meeting dealers and installers, bringing the newest products to them on their turf. The team unloads and loads products off and on the truck several times a day. And in the heat of this summer, that can be tiring.

Is it any wonder that they send in so many food shots?

Even the Big Yellow Truck, Gale Stymie, gets some food – although her “food” has been fermenting in the ground for a loooong time.

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From Pittsburg to Cleveland, Road Show Continues to Roll On

The Chief Road Show spent the day in Pittsburgh on Monday, welcomed with some local team pride.

A visit to Valley Electric Consolidated had the whole team sporting some new gear.

From left: Peter, Linn, Collin, Scott and Robb


The Road Show crew rolls on through Ohio this week. Today, they are rocking Cleveland.

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Big Yellow Truck Heading to Ohio

The Road Show Team is in Pittsburgh today, the City of Bridges. The Big Yellow Truck loves bridges!

The Road Show Crew is a lean machine, with the indomitable road show specialist Scott Rohe; Robb Snider, Chief regional sales manager; Peter Melvin, Chief regional sales manager; and Linn Speck, Da-Lite sales consultant.

The next three days, the Big Yellow Truck will wend its wonderful way through Ohio and across the river on Friday to Kentucky.

If you see a Big Yellow Truck passing by, be sure to wave, Ohio!

Here are a few pictures from last week’s exploits in New York.


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Road Show Team Wraps Up New England


The Big Yellow Truck is working its magic in upstate New York today after a personnel shift. After several months with the Road Show, Steve Scorzetti, sales manager, parted ways to head home on Tuesday for a well-earned rest.

“I’m very tired, very happy, and I closed the door on the truck for the last time,” he said. Steve would spend all week with the truck, head home for the weekends, and be back Monday morning for more. He said it was like having a new family.

For the past week, the team was in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. As Steve put it, “We were eating crustaceans up and down the coast. They were absolutely delicious – some of the best lobster.”



The weather has tamed down a bit for the team over the past week. Still, the most common phrase when speaking to Road Show members is “Exhausting, but good.

John Torre, sales consultant for Da-Lite, spent the past week with the truck and said the experience was terrific. He enjoyed meeting customers, showing new products, and reaffirming relationships.

“It was great getting in front of customers. We were definitely moving the dial,” he said.



The Big Yellow Truck rolls on through upstate New York this week. Next week, they hit Pennsylvania and Ohio.

And let’s not forget the maestro of the road, Scott Rohe, who even with the driving, the unloading and the loading day in and day out, stops to help a mom with two kids change a flat tire in Holyoke, Mass., with regional sales manager Robb Snider. Way to go, Robb and Scott!

Here are more pictures from the past few days on the road. Enjoy!

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Chief Road Show Rolls On Through New England

It’s been another successful week for the Road Show crew. Thanks to the Big Yellow Truck for handling some of the blog post duties last week!


Thursday, we approached Boston by land, not by sea. And spent the morning with Galaxy.


The Truck makes its way through Harvard Square


On Friday, we had a big event at Headlight AV in Portland, Maine.

No Big Yellow Truck, headlights go in the front!

Enjoyed lobster rolls for lunch while showing our latest and greatest products.


The truck had a good, restful weekend and this week is heading back down through New Hampshire, Massachusetts and upstate New York.

Big Yellow Truck doesn’t snore. Much.

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Well, this is embarrassing!

Gale Stymie here again. You know, the Big Yellow Truck.

Now, this is embarrassing. I’ve been travelling all over the country now, but I haven’t dropped any weight! You’d think after more than 6,000 miles, I would have shed a few inches. But the team says that’s now how “Laws of Physics” work.

The team still had to take my measurements this morning to see if my butt was too big for Boston’s streets and bridges.

I passed!

You heard that right, we’re in Boston today. The City on a Hill. City of Champions. The Cradle of Liberty.

In short, it’s Wicked Awesome. Here are some more pictures from the week so far. More on Boston later.

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A Note from the Big Yellow Truck

Hey, Gale Stymie here.

Some of you may know me as the Big Yellow Truck.

The rest of the Road Show team is pretty busy this week. They asked me to update the blog for them. It’s not as if I haven’t been busy hauling their cool products across the country or anything.

I’m not complaining. I really like it. I’ve gotten to see more of the country in a couple months than lots of people get to see in a lifetime.

This week, we’re in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. That’s a lot of road!

Sometimes the team does their show outside. I like that, since I get to listen in on the presentations. Most of the time, though, they’re busy setting up the show inside while I get to enjoy the sun.

If you see me, please wave. I love having my picture taken.

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Big Yellow Wraps Up Week At Long Island

The Road Show is in Long Island today at the Farmingdale Dave & Busters. Next week, they are heading north to hit spots in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

It’s been another wonderful week for the Road Show Crew. About a dozen stops in 5 days. Met a lot of great people, got a lot of great feedback. New York and New Jersey, we love you! Here are some pictures from this week we haven’t put in previous posts. Enjoy!

Road Show Crew with Touchboards in Long Branch, NJ

John Ruggiero loves meeting customers

Alisa Leek has her first cannoli!

John Ruggiero presents interactive at Verrex in New Jersey

John Ruggiero doing a Chief Rack parking lot demonstration at HB Communications in New Jersey

Diversified Systems in New Jersey



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What Big Yellow Truck Brings

At this point in the summer, the routine may start to settle in. The Road Show Crew gets it done, day in, day out. Loading and unloading, loading and unloading. What is it they keep loading? We have some pictures to give you an idea.


(Click Above Image for Full View)

Thanks for stopping by. The Road Show is back in New Jersey today. See you there!

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