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Big Yellow Truck on the Jersey Side

Like the great Tom Waits sang, “Tonight I’m gonna take that ride / Across the river to the Jersey Side.”

The Chief Road Show is in New Jersey this week. The team sent some pictures from Edison.

The Big Yellow Truck loves to meet other trucks.

Robb Snider makes short work of a short throw set up.

Hyman Peller shows off the features of Chief racks.

John Ruggiero explains the FUSION mount features.

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Chief’s Biggest Fan

The Chief Road Show crew sees a lot of fun stuff on their travels. Good food, squashed bugs, loads of great customers. At one stop, however, they met their biggest fan.

This thing either cools a large shipping and receiving area, or it converts the building into an Avengers-style hovercraft to keep alien hordes at bay. Iron Man was not available for comment.

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Happy Olympic Friday!

Hello all you Roadshow blog followers!  With the opening ceremonies of the 2012 summer Olympic games upon us, I could not help but wonder what events Gale Stymie would be in if he were an Olympic athlete.  I think there is one obvious choice here.  It would have to be  the decathlon.  Just to remind all of you who may not follow track and field that closely, the following events are included in the decathlon:

100 Meters – A short sprint much like the short journeys Gale takes in various cities when going from dealer to dealer.

Long Jump– A distance jump where the athlete takes off from a launching point and tries to jump as far as possible.  Gale and Scott will try to cover as much distance as possible across the country as they finish up the road show tour over the next 3 months.  Our regional sales people are jumping for joy as they are simply rolling heavier equipment such as Chief Racks into their dealers.

Shot Put – Classified as a heavy metal ball (16 lbs) that an athlete throws (“putting”) out into the field.  Much like how Scott and the sales team are “putting” new mounting solutions out into the field in front of our dealers.

High Jump – An athlete tries to clear a distance vertically by jumping over a hanging bar.  This is a stark reminder of all the different dock heights that Gale and the team must clear to get the product into our dealers.

400 Meters – A medium distance similar to the medium type of trip that Gale must endure when traveling between cities in each sales region.

110 Meter Hurdles – Another short distance run with hurdles along the way.  The hurdles remind me of the tollways that Gale has had to pass through in the northeast.  These obstacles are just one of many “hurdles” that Gale must surpass to arrive at her destination.  Others include traffic, construction and weather.

Discuss Throw – The discuss throw is much like the shot put, but the athlete throws a disc which covers more area because it can be thrown farther.  This is a reminder of how the sale teams in the South and Northeast have covered more area by having events for multiple dealers at a time and also invited consultants, end users and architects.

Pole Vault – The pole vault is a reminder of the new mounting solutions using poles or more oftenly referred to as pipe columns.  Gale is carrying these new solutions on his path across the county.  They include the LCM1 Single Ceiling mount as well as samples of video wall ceiling mount solutions.

Javelin Throw– The javelin is a traditional piece of equipment that was used for combat and covered short distances to the enemy.  As such, the javelin throw sport was derived and added to the decathlon.  Gale has his own array of short throw devices with the ability to interact with the user albeit in a  non-combative way.  The interactive short throw mounts that Gale throws out in front of the dealers actually helps them as an innovative solution for interactivity.

1500 Meter – A longer distance run focused on athlete pacing and stamina.  This is much like the longer runs that Gale must go through on the road when driving from one sales region to the next or like recently driving to visit everyone at the Infocomm 2012 show.

Can You Name These Famous Decathletes?

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Road Show Rocking the Northeast

It’s been a while since the last Road Show update. Honestly, the guys are just exhausted after two solid weeks of great shows on the East Coast in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and all points in between.

Steve Scorzetti, Sales Manager, has been riding with Road Show Specialist, Scott Rohe, in the Big Yellow Truck for the past two weeks. Scorzetti was really impressed with Scott’s demonstrations of the interactive solution and for still having the energy to help present at shows when the team is a body short.

“It’s going really well,” Scorzetti said. “We’re getting lots of feedback, and dealers are very receptive.”

The weather has been scorching.

“We did a show on Monday outside,” Scorzetti said. “We could have cooked eggs on the racks.”

John Ruggiero, Regional Sales Manager, said at every stop they have met someone who sees the products and has questions about a current opportunity or a new way to use Chief solutions.


For foodie readers, the Road Show team has particularly enjoyed the blue claw crab in Baltimore.

March of the Blue Claw Crabs!

A new addition to the truck is the IDEA Interactive Cart from Da-Lite.

The Big Yellow Truck will be making its way through New Jersey next week.

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