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Gale Stymie’s Wall of Fame

As the big yellow truck continues on through the Northeast, we’re starting to hope that we collect enough new signatures to fill the back of the truck. Each Road Show team member’s John Hancock reminds us of the good times and personal connections made possible by the Big Yellow Truck. Thanks to all who have made the Road Show a success, and we can’t wait for the future team members to meet Gale Stymie and join our wall of fame.

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Chief Road Show Visits Virginia Beach, VA

The Chief Road Show stopped in Virginia Beach, VA.


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Road Show Pictures from Norfolk, VA

The Chief Road Show hit Norfolk, VA, where the racks were a big hit.

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Road Show Pictures from Richmond, VA

The Road Show stopped in Richmond, VA, as it begins its tour of the Northeast.

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Gale and Scott to the Northeast……

The Roadshow is back after a much needed post-Infocomm trip break.  Gale and Scott endured long hours and unforgiving terrain in their trek to and from Infocomm 2012.  The 3,200 mile round trip took them through the plains of Iowa, the cornfields of Nebraska, the mountains of Colorado and the salt flats of Utah before arriving at their destination at the  Las Vegas Convention center.  While there, Gale sported a new outfit as she was parked at the entrance of the central hall.

After a much needed break after all of that driving, the Chief roadshow truck now heads to the Northeast territory which brings a new group of regional sales managers as well as a new set of challenges in major metropolitan areas.  It also brings a new set of tollways, weigh stations and most importantly a new set of innovative mounting solutions on the truck.  It was not all R&R for Scott as he added some of the new mounts to the roadshow.  These mounts include:

-NEW ‘IDEA’ Screen / Interactive Solution                               

-NEW Ceiling Mount Solutions

– NEW i-Pad mounting Solutions

– NEW Video Wall Mount Solutions

– NEW Literature

Also, the new team in the Northeast to now be part of the Road Show experience include:

Peter, Steve, John, Rob, Sam, Mathew.  Good Luck and have fun!









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Thanks for Visiting the Big Yellow Truck at InfoComm

Did you spot the big yellow truck at InfoComm? Many attendees found the truck, snapped a picture with it and stopped by the Chief booth for a free T-shirt. Here’s a look at just a few of the awesome Chief fans who took advantage of this promotion.

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Gale Stymie – Week 4-5-6 Stats

  • States Driven In: 8 (NC, D.C., VA, ML, PA, OH, IN, IL)
  • Dealers Visited: 27
  • Events: 1
  • # of people at events:  462 (Estimated)
  • Miles Traveled: Approx 1,314
  • Hot Dog Eating Contests: 1
  • Winning Number of Dogs eaten: 4 (jumbo hotdogs)

Another couple of great weeks to be with the roadshow! As I try to catch up on updating you, I think it is important to point out that our driver Scott has been doing a great job safely transporting people and products across the country. We have made our travels in week 4-5 through SC and NC and finished up and said our tearful goodbyes to the South East sales team. From there we headed North to do an event for the Northeast sales team and held a hot dog eating contest in front of the truck! At the end of week 5 we traveled back west toward Chicago where we held more dealer visits during week 6. Once again we had great teamwork and support from each sales region and our Da-Lite counterparts. We also had some product managers from Chief out on the roadshow gathering dealer feedback, which has always been a key factor in delivering products to fit customer needs! After our week in Chicago, Gale and Scott are headed back to headquarters in Eden Pairie, MN. There, the truck got a much needed check up, and the driver got some much needed rest prior to the trek to InfoComm 2012 !!!!

Charlotte Motor Speedway - The largest in the Country!



Durham Bulls Stadium - Tampa Bay Rays farm team and inspiration for a great movie...


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Congratulations Ernie Sigler, Hot Dog Champion!

Five brave gastric athletes, or gastletes, met at high 11 underneath a white tent next to the big yellow truck. They came ready to win.

The gathering crowd could feel the tension build as each minute passed by, and more hot dogs met their makers. Ernie Sigler, an AV engineer from Valley Electrical Consolidated Inc. in Girard, Ohio, took an early lead in the contest and hung onto it through eight, EIGHT, hot dogs. He even took a breather after the sixth hot dog to wipe the sweat from his brow before continuing on. Showmanship!

Mike Moon, Chief Road Show team member, also took part in the contest. He managed to down six dogs.

“I don’t know how Ernie was doing it,” Mike said. “He was a machine! These were big Nathan’s hot dogs.”

Ernie took home $20 per hot dog and a nifty hot dog champion hat. Congratulations to Ernie and all the gastletes.

You can watch the entire contest here.

Contest winner Ernie Sigler. (Note Chief’s Mike Moon attempting to keep his hot dogs under control in the background)

Contest Master of Ceremonies Doug Bauernschmidt models the hot dog hat

Five contestants digging deep to keep going

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Photos from InfoComm

The Chief crew is keeping busy in the early hours of InfoComm 2012. Here are a few more pictures.

Peter Melvin showcases a nifty hat for the hot dog contest to start soon.

Everyone’s keeping busy at the booth.

Outside, at the big yellow truck, hot dog preparations are underway.

Check back later for a hot dog contest recap. Watch it live online here. Keep up on all things Chief and InfoComm with photos and more on Twitter @chiefmfg

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Early Photo Reports from InfoComm 2012

InfoComm is underway!

A Chief worker searches high and low for the big yellow truck. Can you find it? Hint, it’s right outside the show entrance.


Chief Booth C7519 – Looking good. Newly designed cart is front and center!

Just a few hours until the hot dog contest begins. Watch it at 11 a.m. in front of the big yellow truck!

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