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Hardy Hunger for Hot Dogs at E4

Congratulations to Elliot Kresmer of FINRA for bringing his hot dog-eating prowess to the Chief Road Show contest at the Almo Professional A/V E4 event on May 18.

Seven contestants came with empty stomachs and faces grim with determination. Tension hung in the air. As the contest wore on, those faces slowly morphed to “this is much harder than I thought” expressions. Elliot overcame the competition by downing four huge hotdogs in five minutes, earning himself a prize of $160.

The event was streamed live by the team at rAVe.

We know what you are thinking: “I can eat more than four hot dogs in five minutes!” Think you have what it takes to beat the record? You’ll soon have the chance. The Chief Road Show crew is Lewis-and-Clarking their way across the country and will hold another hot dog eating contest at InfoComm 2012. Bring your iron wills and your empty stomachs. Space is limited, so sign up here.

And who knows – with how much the Road Show crew is stretching their stomachs at greasy spoons across the country, they may just have to join the competition.

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Fame, Fortune and Hot Dogs

The big yellow truck is headed to DC for the Almo E4 AV Tour! Get ready to demo our latest solutions, chat about industry challenges with the crew and stuff your face with hot dogs.

Yeah, you read that right. Hot dogs.

This Friday, May 18 at 12:30pm (EST) the Chief Road Show crew is challenging dealers to a hot dog eating contest. The event is taking place at E4, Prince George’s Exhibit Hall C in front of the big yellow truck. The winner will receive fame and fortune in the form of a cash prize and, of course, recognition on our blog! Whoever eats the most hot dogs in five minutes will be awarded with $20 per dog – $21 if that hot dog is eaten with Chief golden yellow mustard.

Adding to the notoriety is the team at rAVe, who will be streaming the event LIVE on their site. Be sure to check it out at www.ravenowe4.com on Friday. Gary Kayye will be there, mic in hand, covering the showdown and giving his opinion on our Road Show Crew’s diet.

Space is limited to the first ten dealers who register. To sign up please fill out our registration form. On-site registration may be available if open seats remain.

We hope you can join us for this epic event – either in-person or via rAVe – and may the best dealer-turned-semi-professional-eater win!

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Dodging Drops through the Carolinas

The saying goes that  “when it rains it pours.” Well a little rain couldn’t keep us down!!!  The Chief Roadshow continued on this past week through South Carolina and North Carolina. We had one of our busiest weeks yet with numerous stops.  Dealers seem very appreciative about the time we have spent with them and the hands on training they are receiving.

As I enter my last week I must say that I go forward with mixed feelings.  It has been a lot of hard work, long hours, and FUN! It is strange to think that the people that I have spent the last four plus weeks with will be either moving on to another region or resuming their regular job responsibilities.

I want to thank everyone that has assisted me with pulling together this roadshow. A special thank you goes out to our Roadshow Specialist Scott Rohe. Without out his help this endurance test called the Chief Roadshow would have been much more difficult.

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The Carolina’s……..

Our week in the Carolinas will be wrapping up in the next couple days……….Monday and Tuesday in RDU (that’s short for Raliegh-Durham if you weren’t aware) and then on to the ALMO event in D.C. To recap, the team and I had a great time spending time together and also visiting our dealers.  It was an interesting week to say the least.  For me last week started in Greensboro.  I remembered the advice from a certain industry publication about how the crew may want to switch to salads……..well, the Carolina’s were more than accomodating when the first menu I opened had the Carolina burger.  This beauty had a 1/4 lb. beef patty with chili and white onions and for my salad a side of coleslaw for me to put on top.  I would say that covered me on the salad front. On a side note I had never seen smores on a menu before…….


Salads or not, it was easy to find good food and the scenery was nice too.  This is a beautiful state with lots of trees and flowers covering the landscape even at the first turn out of the airport.  You can get from the ocean to the mountains in about three hours in the Charlotte area.  I stayed the weekend to keep Scott company and we had a fun time hanging out, playing pool and meeting some of the locals.  As you can see below it was not all fun as we spent the night working on a couple of racks on Saturday.

Also, Gale needed a little more organizing in the back so we bought her some extra hooks and other items needed for the next week of the roadshow.  She seems to be ready for another great week of visits!








The Chief Roadshow Truck is lurking in the shadows…………….

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Gale Stymie – Week 3 Stats

  • States Driven In: 2 (GA, SC)
  • Dealers Visited: 13
  • Events: 1
  • # of people at events: 105 (Estimated)
  • Miles Traveled: Approx 493
  • Gallons of Diesel Used: Approx 37.9 Gallons
  • #of Bugs Squashed: 156.2 – That one seemed to be still alive on the windshield……
  • 🙂
  • Times mislead by GPS: 4.3
  • Tire tread depth at this point: 0.1922″
  • # of times the lift gate went up and down: 76 – 1/2
  • Amount of precipitation Gale had to endure during calendar week: 1.38″
  • Longest duration with roadshow by Chief RSM: 5.429 weeks – Nice work Matt!


Another great week to be with the roadshow.  Gale and Scott had to deal with more precipitation than usual, but for the most part this led to cooler temperatures.  Frank, Matt and George showed Scott a good time in Atlanta in between the dealer visits and again there was good turnout at the Chief events.  Our crew was supplemented by multiple Da-Lite sales reps. which we got the pleasure to meet.  First it was Derek, then Jay and last but not least Sam.  Thanks for all the sales reps. help and is  great to see all the collaboration!  We have really enjoyed getting to know our colleagues on a more personal level and both companies continue to strive to go above and beyond for our dealers and distributors.  This is great to see!



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They say timing is everything. The road show went through Georgia this week with temperatures near 90 degrees every day. The week before was in the mid-70’s and next week it should also be back in the mid-70’s. We didn’t let a little heat slow us down though with a great week of dealer stops and road show events. We even threw in an evening sales meeting while the team was in town. As with the previous weeks, our dealers were very impressed with our new racks & accessories, our newly launched RackBuilder Delivered tool, and the new Chief Interactive Solutions. By the time the week was over we were able to see our top dealer partners, consultants and key end-users in the state of Georgia. The Big Yellow Truck continues onto South Carolina & North Carolina next week. In our truck we’re going to Carolina, “can’t you see the sunshine – can’t you just feel the moonshine” …yes we’re going to Carolina in our truck.

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Fun in the Sun

The team is having a good time on the road, demonstrating new products and enjoying the sunshine.

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‘Gale Stymie” – Week 2 Stats

  • States Driven In: 2 (FL, GA)
  • Dealers Visited: 11
  • Dealer Events Held: 1 (May1st from 12-2)
  • End User, Architect, Consultant Events Held: 2 (May1st from 3-7PM and May 3rd from 3-7PM)
  • Miles Traveled: Approx 1356 miles
  • Gallons of Diesel Used: Approx 100 Gallons
  • #of Bugs Squashed: 710!
  • # of times Scott washed the truck: 1
  • # of beaches Scott visited: 2
  • #  of truck repairs made: 1
  • # of ducks dodged? = 1
  • # of alligators seen: 0 ?!?!
  • # of people Scott bossed around during loading and unloading: 6

Another great week for the roadshow down in Florida and Georgia!  Chief held a few successful dealer, end-user, architect and consultant events at the local Dave and Buster’s in Marrietta and Duluth Georgia.  Matt, Frank and George have been showing Scott a good time and what great employees and dealer relationships we have established here at Chief……..in other news, Scott may have used all of the freon while blasting the A/C driving through Florida.  He will have to take Gale in for a 6 pack of cold ones!


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Salads & Chief

Last Friday in the daily rAVe podcast, Gary Kaye said the Chief Road Show crew needed to put down the burgers and chicken wings and eat a salad for a change. Well, Gary Kaye, we took your advice and loaded up on the leafy goodness. Here is the proof!

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