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The Florida Recap

As this is the first time I have ever done an event like this I have felt a lot of pressure in the weeks leading to this.  Organizing schedules, hotels, and people has been difficult.  With this said I would do it all over in a heartbeat.  The response from dealers has been great!!!

RackBuilder Delivered has been received exceptionally well!  A design consultant at our first stop put it best.  “RackBuilder Delivered makes it easy to spec my rack exactly the way I want it and will save me a ton of time.”

The interest in Chief Interactive has also been great.  To top it off as I was driving to Miami for our Dave & Buster’s event I got an order for 38 Chief Interactive Short Throw Mounts.

I am now getting ready for our trip through Georgia.  It will be fun seeing some familiar faces that I haven’t seen for some time as I used to live in Atlanta.  Looking forward to another week. GO YELLOW TRUCK GO!!!

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Chicken Wings & Chief

The Chief Road Show tour was the topic of the daily rAVe podcast!

Hosts Tim Albright and Gary Kayye discussed the tour – and how the Chief crew is eating lots of burgers and chicken wings on the road. Gary says they need to switch to salads for a change. Tim says to load up on the burgers and wings. What is your vote?

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Gale Stymie – Week One Stats

  • States Driven In: 7 (MN, IA, MO, OK, TX, LA, FL)
  • Dealers Visited: 12
  • Miles Traveled: Approx 2,000 miles
  • Gallons of Diesel Used: Approx 133 Gallons
  • # of stops made total: 35 (including dealer visits)
  • # of stops made ONLY to use the restroom: 3
  • #of Bugs Squashed: 589
  • # of Dead Armadillos seen: 5
  • # of dogs in the road safely avoided: 1

Lots of miles traveled due to the initial drive from MN to TX.  I am sure week two will bring more stories and stats for all to enjoy!

Yes, those are bugs

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Meet “Gale Stymie”

Gale is a sweet little 16ft. diesel box truck.  She is a wind blockin’, bug squashin’ machine! She is quite comfortable and this three-seater has the following stats:

  • Load Length: 16 feet
  • Width – 8 feet
  • Height – 12 feet 1 inch
  • Trans Speed: 4
  • Wheel Base: 151
  • Horsepower: 190
  • Weight – Approx: 9562 lbs (when loaded with industry-leading mounts and racks….)

Also, she is equipped with the following: a lift gate!  Thank god…..A/C, AM/FM radio, CD player power, windows, power locks as well as a sweet graphic treatment on her sides and back.  The truck departed from Milestone headquarter on April 13th, ………yes it was Friday the 13th!

The roadshow truck pulling away from Milestone headquarters

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In the Sunshine State

Hello again from the road! So far the dealer visits have been going very well. It was nice to have the weekend off and get caught up on sleep. Like Mike said, it’s a workout loading and unloading! Gotta love it though.

Pensacola was great. Mike Moon Man is back home in Minnesota, so it’s weird not having him around. I departed toward Jacksonville after the last dealer visit in order to beat the storms that came through on Saturday. The first visit went really well. Everyone was very enthusiastic about our products. They loved our interactive flat panel accessory as well as our interactive short throw projector mount. One woman couldn’t put the pen down – she kept wanting to play around with it! They love the slick look of our mounts. One thing I kept hearing is, “Clean look!”

For old time’s sake, here is a photo of Mike Moon Man and me with Gale Stymie

Check out some more pics from our dealer visits:

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Thoughts From the First Week…….

As the second week of the roadshow begins, it is a good time to take a look back at some of the unscheduled events that occurred in week one……..

1)  The trip started out well and then between southern Minnesota and through Iowa we were fighting the wind quite a bit.  Really made it tough on driving and gas mileage. This prompted Scott and me to name the truck and due to the circumstances we went with ‘Gale Stymie’ as the name.  Also, for only meeting Scott once prior to our two-day, 20-hour trip, we got along tremendously well.

2) Good defensive driving (and the truck horn) saved the life of a dog that wandered off his ranch in east Texas…….I probably would have stopped in time, but the horn definitely got him to move.  I’d have to say that I got some great driver training from Driver Dan back at HQ.  Thanks Dan!

3) We have a new level of respect for the documentation process that truck drivers have to go through.

4) It took hard work and dedication from many different departments to get this roadshow kicked off.  The safety, sales and marketing groups put forth a tremendous effort to make this first week successful. Thanks, Lynn, for keeping us in compliance!

Chief would especially like to thank all of the dealers we have visited for taking the time to let us visit your locations and show our product.  Through sales and marketing, we are dedicated to helping grow our businesses together, and enjoy taking the time to get to know you and your company on a more personal level.

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More Photos from the Road

Here are a few photos from our last day in Houston:

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Cravings for Crawfish

Mike Moon Man here. We’re now on the road to New Orleans. I’m super pumped to try crawfish for the first time while we’re there. Have any of you had crawfish before?

Our visit to Houston went well. People told us they were impressed with Chief’s dedication to customers and how we work hard to help them build their business. That was great to hear!

The Road Show is almost like a series of mini tradeshows. We wheel our products out of the truck and set them up for customers to try out, then we provide demonstrations and answer any questions they have. This format, however, allows us to spend more one-on-one time than we would at a tradeshow.

Hauling the products in and out is definitely a workout! Based on my scientific calculations, I estimate I’m burning 1,300 calories a day doing this. No need for trips to the gym while we’re on the road! With this daily workout, I can have my crawfish battered and fried.

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We fought the wind – and won

Hello from the road! We made it to Houston after a very windy drive through Iowa. At first we thought the truck got bad gas mileage, but it turns out driving headfirst into 30-40 mph winds burns quite a bit of fuel. When we got out of the truck, the wind blew Mike’s hat into the distance and nearly tipped me over me, but don’t worry – Mike eventually recovered his hat and I’m still standing.

Today we’re in Houston finishing the last of our dealer visits in the city. Everyone seems really enthusiastic about us being there and is enjoying the chance to interact with our products and see firsthand how they work. We’ve also received quite a few compliments about the design of the truck! (By the way, we think the truck needs a name. Any suggestions?)

Next up: New Orleans. According to weather reports, the wind will now be at our backs. Phew!

Check out some pics from one of our stops:

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We’re Hitting the Road

After months of planning, the Chief Road Show tour is finally here! We bid farewell to the Big Yellow Truck earlier this week as the Chief Road Show crew headed out to visit a number of our AV partners across the country, with the latest and greatest Chief solutions in tow.

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