AV RoadShow

The Places We Go

The US Road Show is busy moving along out west and having a great time. Sometimes the places we stop are just too cool. Our crew sent along pics from the Salt Lake City planetarium and an old school house in Washington state.

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Winding through Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana


It’sThe Road Show spent time at stops in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana over the last two weeks. The team has worked out all the early bumps and is now cruising along. Thanks to all who stopped by. Next stop, a swing into Michigan before hitting more Indiana locations.

A picture within a picture of the road show. It’s road show inception!


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U.S. Milestone Road Show 2017 Kicks Off in Minnesota

The Milestone Road Show is hitting the pavement once again for a new summer full of adventure. Last year we covered the South and North East. This year, we’re focusing on the Midwest and West!

new truck

The new truck, all shiny and stuff.

The Road Show is our version of a mobile trade show that brings a truck full of the latest solutions from Chief, Da-Lite and Vaddio. Many solutions had their debut at InfoComm in Orlando, and we’re bringing them fresh to customers around the country for an up-close look.

We’re bringing prizes, refreshments and more.

Look for your city on the shirt picture below. Ask your sales rep for more details about when the show will be close to you!

Cities the road show will appear in

And as always lots of pics!

Kristin fielding questions

Stephanie rocking the Da-Lite session

Paul giving the scoop on Vaddio

Sallie modeling some swag

Add some depth for overlapping displays with the FCADA

So new the site still doesn’t have a pic of this one! CSPH

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Road Show Now in Texas

The Road Show has continued through South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and is now into Texas. The road crew has been busy sharing the latest from Chief, Da-Lite and Vaddio. Here are pics from the last month on the road.

img_0526 csz-oqwwcaamugh unknown unknown-1 img_1515 img_0542 img_0619 img_4063 img_4061 img_4059 img_4058 img_4056

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The Road Show in Tennessee

The Road Show team returned after a week off to hit the streets of Tennessee with solutions from Chief, Da-Lite and Vaddio. Stops included Memphis and Nashville. Pics from the road!

img_4042 img_4045img_4043 img_4044 img_4046 img_4047 img_4048 img_4049 img_4050

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Road Show In the South

The Road Show spent the week in North Carolina showcasing Chief, Da-Lite and Vaddio solutions.

image2[1] image2 image1[1] image1 Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.11.18 AM Mobile upload from Stephen Frazee at 8-22-16, 8-52 AM IMG_1427

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Pennsylvania Week

The Road Show jumped from New Jersey to Pennsylvania during a hot week with several stops to show product, and an unexpected pause at a welding shop to reinforce one of the traveling walls that’s taken a beating after many times on and off the truck and many miles of road. A bit of steel and it was good to go.

IMG_0452 Unknown-1 Unknown-2 Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown-5 Unknown-6 Unknown-7 Unknown-9 Unknown-10 Unknown-11 Unknown-12 Unknown-13 Unknown-14 Unknown-15 Unknown-16 Unknown-17 Unknown-18 IMG_0443 IMG_0446

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Road Show Passes Through New York

The Road Show spent last week in New York City and New Jersey. Just a few pics from the road.

Driving in Manhattan

Driving through Manhattan

Breakfast on the road show

Breakfast learning

On a boat

We’re on a boat!

On a boat

Road show doesn’t need roads.

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Road Show Breezes into New England

The road show made stops in Portland, Nashua, Chelmsford, Billerica, Wilmington, Waltham, Cambridge, Sudbury, Exeter and North Haven this week on its continuing quest to impress dealers and the occasional dog.

dog not impressed

Some times it can be overwhelming

Dog time

Dog just can’t even.

lots to get through

Lots to get through

Robb's on it

Robb’s on it

screen time

Screen time


Robb with the new FCA1U for extension on Fusion mounts.

Fusion Modular

Showing the new Fusion Modular system that allows you to make your own multi-display mount.

Gathered round

Gathered round


Cookies make the VPAU happy.

Always welcome

Always want to be welcoming.

Skyping a stop

Skyping a stop

Giving the talk

Giving the talk


Vaddio’s on the scene

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Hanging in New York

The Road Show took some time around New York state this week with stops in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. The team sent a few pics from the road. Road Show Specialist, Scott, also sent a few videos from Niagara Falls on Sunday!


What a Team!

Outdoor stop

Outside stop.

new truck

New Road Show truck, needs some bling


Breakfast stop 🙂

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